Nevertheless, outstanding tutors, professional equipment and pleasant spaces do come with a price.

praguesirens® follows a transparent pricing policy. Prices are set when we publish our main schedule. The actual tariffs are binding and are not subject for negotiation. Please download our current rates and terms and conditions.


With “My First Song” and “My Song For You”, praguesirens® offers two attractive vouchers in a high quality gift box.

“My Song For You” is aimed at those who want to dedicate an original song to a partner or a friend for a special occasion. The package includes 10 hours of lessons focused on this song and the final production of a music video.

“My First Song” allows the recipient to make a start in the world of singing. The package also includes 10 hours of singing time and the production of a first video.

Both gift boxes contain a microphone-shaped USB stick for storing the video.