Singing can change your life.

Established in 2016, praguesirens® is Prague’s finest international school of contemporary singing for adults (only over 18 years old)

Technocratic regulations are increasingly dominating life in modern societies. But more and more people feel uncomfortable with this. The rational order is becoming scary for us. Desires for emotionalism, temptation and sensuality arise.

In looking for a new and independent self, men and women are increasingly discovering the tremendous psychological, physical and social power of singing as an opportunity to connect everyday life with their own personal spirituality.

praguesirens® teaches contemporary singing. The melodies and lyrics of pop, rock, blues and jazz are ideally suited to touch our personalities. Singing these songs easily becomes a vehicle of self-expression. Singing can change your life.

Be wild. Be beautiful. Be a Siren.

Our founder started singing at the age of 32. First classical, then contemporary. Her path led her to study at several schools and with several teachers. Kateryna eventually decided to start her own international School of Contemporary Singing in Prague so that she could realise for herself and for others exactly what she had always been looking for.

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