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Singing needs to be performed. Since the origin of humankind, sound remains our most primal, immediate sense and requires an audience. Even the legendary Sirens only developed their powers when they were heard and seen.

For many students, performing in front of an audience is just as essential as singing itself. The concentration of preparation, the pure energy on stage and the enjoyment of the applause builds enormous self-confidence, which is beneficial in all aspects of life.

praguesirens offers three different concert formats. The popular PURE concerts are open to all students and give the audience an overview of the entire school. SHOWS are more complex and themed concerts for students who are advanced in singing and performing. We also offer particularly experienced singers the unique opportunity of a SOLO concert in front of family and friends. These exclusive events are usually associated with the presentation of an album by the student.

As soon as your song reaches an advanced stage, you can begin to discuss the various possibilities of performance with your tutor. This includes song dramaturgy, stage movement, outfit and styling, together with more fundamental issues such as coping with stage fright.


SALON PRIVÉ, one of the most exclusive music clubs in Prague, was designed by praguesirens as a showcase concert venue for the school and for special performances by external artists.

The architecture of our concert venue is a dynamic combination of contemporary industrial design and elegant baroque. The seating can be in traditional theatre style or intimate salon style, with sumptuous leather armchairs and cabaret tables. The sound and light technology are of the finest quality, and the venue is designed to meet all safety and hygiene standards. For the comfort of performers, the exclusive backstage area really makes you feel you are the star of the evening.

Another highlight of SALON PRIVÉ is its glamorous bar. Glittering in the reflection of tens of thousands of mosaic stones, it turns concert appearances and the breaks in between into special experiences.


If we talk about performing contemporary music, we cannot ignore YouTube. Music videos are a powerful art form that enable artists to perform their songs on the largest stage on earth.

praguesirens enables you to produce your own ‘Stage Performance Video’, for you, your fans and followers. In contrast to narrative music videos, accompanying the song with scenes that are partly or completely independent of the singer, performance videos focus entirely on you and your song. The camera is your audience.

If you decide early on to produce a video of your song, you can prepare the later dramaturgy of your video together with your tutor, considering performance, outfit, and styling during rehearsals.

When you have completed your final sound recording in the studio (your playback), you sit down with the video team to discuss the lighting, atmosphere and special effects that best match your dramaturgy. Your vision of the song and the team’s technical expertise combine in the style of the shoot: the different camera angles, the sequence of scenes, close ups and slow motions.

The conceptual preparation and the shoot itself provide a lot of creative inspiration and fun. Following post-production, you will receive a professional performance video, ready to upload for a global audience.

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