Concerts & Videos

As part of regular singing lessons, tutor-created training videos allow meaningful control of voice and stage behavior to be quickly achieved.

The stage clips, which are much more complex in terms of sound, light and dramaturgy, complete a week-long song project with an appealing audiovisual end product that enriches the personal song portfolio of the students and that can be shared with a wider audience through social media.

After every fifty lessons completed, praguesirens® students have the opportunity to produce a personal stage clip with no additional video production costs. Any additional stage clips will be charged at cost price. The training videos are part of regular teaching hours and are not charged separately.

Every student is motivated by competitions and these are carried out sensitively. praguesirens® gives every student the opportunity to participate in school concerts at regular intervals. This is the perfect chance to perform rehearsed songs and to demonstrate stage presence in front of an audience of friends and family members.