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praguesirens is in the fortunate position of being a non-profit organization, accessible not only to a small elite group, but to everyone who feels a genuine love for singing.

Our owners made their living in another world and decided a few years ago to invest in Prague, establishing the school as an international center for singing, liberality and cultural exchange.

The price of your singing lessons covers the direct costs of running the school: the salaries of the team, the electricity for the operation and the accounting. You pay absolutely nothing for our investments in the building, the interior design or the audio and light equipment. The fact that the price of our singing lessons is among the highest in Prague is due to the quality of our service: exclusive one-to-one sessions tailored to your specific needs and employing the best tutors. These are paid fairly by us with regular employment contracts, including all taxes and social benefits. That sounds obvious – but it isn‘t.

We set the reference price per singing lesson annually. This only changes in the context of a general increase in costs. If you book more hours than once a week, you will receive a further discount. The production and post-production of audio recordings and video shoots are charged at the reference price. The system is simple and transparent.