Our lessons

Each student chooses the genre in which they will wish to sing: pop, jazz, rock, soul, blues, R’n’B, musical or gospel.

The school takes a holistic approach, spending time not only on developing singing technique but also on unlocking the individual potential of each student.
Each lesson has a clear structure, depending on the student’s level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and the specific tasks and ambitions.
For students with no previous singing experience, lessons consist of basic exercises to develop the vocal apparatus from the diaphragm to the vocal cords.

Practice is alternated with the study of theory. The objective is to teach the basics of conscious singing. From the very first class, students will acquire knowledge about what happens within the human body while singing. They will become acquainted with professional terminology, and learn how to maintain a healthy voice. Exercises for beginners: breathing work, finding primary voice type and development of muscle memory, relaxing the throat muscles, strengthening the lower range of notes, expanding the upper register without excessive stress on the vocal cords and developing vocal resonance.

Intermediate students with basic knowledge and skills follow a different programme. Vocal exercises become increasingly complex. The work is on the fluency of the voice, learning how to pitch intervals, adding warm-ups into the development of the head voice, sub-tones, and mixed voice. In working with songs, students learn to analyse the structure and identify where it needs to be accented, get acquainted with the rules of phrasing, work on articulation, and define the style of the song. They work intensively with microphones and learn the basics of stage presence, how to overcome fear of the audience and to feel free on stage.

Advanced level students use complex vocal techniques, such as singing melismas and vocal belting or drive. With the support of the tutor, students start to create their own covers, changing the style and sound of the original. They improvise in different genres and work extensively on their individual sound and style.
As part of the regular classes at all levels, video recordings have become an important tool for rapid success feedback.